Monday, December 13, 2010

Ministry In THE CAVE

I had heard about THE CAVE and had even talked to those who had experienced it, but until I found myself deep within its cold, dark confines, I really had no idea how miserable ministry could be inside of it. That is really what THE CAVE is - it is the place where ministry becomes misery.

You don't hear much about THE CAVE when you are preparing for ministry. You should. After all, very few pastors will get through a lifetime of ministry without experiencing it up close and personal. In fact, it will be THE CAVE that will end many a pastor's life in ministry. As I talk with seasoned pastors, they all seemingly have one thing in common - they have experienced ministry inside of THE CAVE and they often still have the scars to prove it.

You can have others tell you about what it is like to do ministry from within THE CAVE but until you've been there...

Until you know what it looks like...

Until you know what it feels like...

Until you know what it sounds like...

Until you know what it smells like...

Until will never truly understand. Once you get a whiff from inside the cave, the smell never really leaves your nostrils. It is an aroma that you will remember and that will impact you the rest of your life.

But THE CAVE is not a new concept in ministry. One of the greatest Old Testament characters in the Hebrew Scriptures may have just been the one to discover it - Elijah. In 1 Kings 19 we read:

"Then he (Elijah) came there to THE CAVE and lodged there." (1 Kings 19:9)

It is from Elijah's life that we learn some very real principles about THE CAVE. Over the next several postings I will share with you from the life of Elijah the following aspects of ministry life in THE CAVE:

Three Principles About THE CAVE!

Four Characteristics Of Life In THE CAVE!

Four Steps To Get Out Of THE CAVE!

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