Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Litmus Test of Joy - a SONG on Your Lips!

Yesterday we saw that a SENSE OF HUMOR was a litmus test of joy, even during the trials of life and ministry. Today let me share one other litmus test that shows joy in someone's life. It is a SONG ON YOUR LIPS - Psalms 126:2, in which we saw the need for laughter in my last posting, says, "Our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful singing."

Anna Russell wrote it beautifully in the words to this old hymn: "There is never a day so dreary, there is never a night so long, but the soul that is trusting in Jesus will somewhere find a song. Wonderful, wonderful Jesus! In the heart He implanteth a song; a song of deliverance; of courage; of strength; in the heart He implanteth a song."

Remember Paul and Silas in prison in Acts 16:22-25. After being beaten they were thrown into stocks. Stocks was a 6 to 8 foot log in which one ankle was attached to one end of the log and then your legs were spread farther than designed while your other ankle was attached to the other end of the log. And what were Paul and Silas doing in that condition at midnight? They were singing praises to God. I guarantee they were singing "soprano" but they were singing because even in their misery they still had joy. Do you? No matter how bad you are hurting right now, go ahead - break out in a song and let it vibrate off the rafters!

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