Monday, April 11, 2011

The Opportunity to EXALT Jesus!

Paul teaches us through his own example in Philippians chapter one that in every ministry OBSTACLE there are also ministry OPPORTUNITIES. We have already seen the opportunity to EXPLAIN the Gospel and the opportunity to ENCOURAGE believers. In our post today we see the third and final opportunity that Paul describes which is the opportunity to EXALT Jesus.

After sharing in verse 14 how other believers found courage to speak the Word of God without fear because of Paul's response to his ministry adversity, Paul goes on in verse 15 to divide these believers into two groups. On one hand there were those believers who preached Christ out of good and sincere motives. On the other hand, there were also those believers who preached Christ, but their motives were anything but sincere. They did so out of envy, strife and selfish ambition. In other words, along with preaching Christ they also had a goal of damaging Paul's ministry and reputation while tarnishing his character. I love Paul's response in verse 18 when he basically says, "Who cares what they say about me as long as Christ is proclaimed!" What an outlook! What an attitude!

Maybe today in your ministry you are on the receiving end of some verbal attacks from other believers. Perhaps there are some, maybe even from within your own ministry, who are trying to tarnish your reputation, ministry and character. Sometimes (OK - most times) it is very hard just to let that go. But I have found what Paul exemplified to be the proper course of action. Don't worry what they say about you - as long as they are preaching Christ.

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