Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you a "LADDER" or an "ADDER"?

I told you in my last posting of hearing a message by Ed Young Jr who said that when you are in the pit of betrayal, instead of asking "Why me?" you should instead ask the question of the Lord, "What now?" But I remember one other aspect of that message. Ed Young Jr asked this question,

"Are you a LADDER or an ADDER?"

In other words, when God brings across your life someone who is in the pit of betrayal, what do you become to them? Do you become a LADDER for them or do you become an ADDER to them?

A LADDER is someone whose response to those in the pit of betrayal is one that offers support, encouragement, and most of all - hope! You become a LADDER for that person, helping them to crawl out of that pit they are in, brush off the dirt, and move forward. Like the Good Samaritan Jesus told about, you are the one whose words can bandage the open wounds of their heart and allow them to see the fingerprints of God that are still in their life.

An ADDER, on the other hand, does just the opposite. An ADDER responds in such a way that just ADDS to the hurt, pain and disparity of the person in the pit of betrayal. ADDERS accept as truth and pass on as fact whatever story they have heard, without taking the time to get both sides of the story. ADDERS spread gossip about the person in the pit. ADDERS judge the motives of the person in the pit. ADDERS can be like the friends of Job who came to console him but really only ADDED to his grief.

So, do you know someone who is in the pit of betrayal? Tell me, have you been a LADDER for them or more of an ADDER to them? If you are a pastor or ministry leader that is currently in the pit of betrayal, than my prayer for you is that God would send someone who is a LADDER into your life and protect you from the many ADDERS who are out there.

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