Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Pit of Betrayal

I am sure that you are very familiar with the Old Testament story of Joseph found in Genesis 37. In short, Joseph gets betrayed by his own brothers who assault him, throw him into a pit, sell him into slavery, and then convince their father that he was killed by a wild animal. What would cause these siblings to resort to such an act of hatred? The answer is JEALOUSY! Genesis 37:11 makes this very clear when it says:

"His brothers were jealous of him!"

What would produce such jealousy in these brother's hearts and lives? I answered that question in three postings last week in my other blog entitled, "Folks, Listen." You can use the link below and go to that blog and find three reasons that caused such jealousy towards Joseph. You will find them in my blog postings on January 19, 20 and 21. Again, the link is:

If you are a hurting pastor reading this posting, then chances are very good that you know what the inside of the Pit of Betrayal looks like. You also know that few hurts go deeper than the wounds caused by betrayal. Over the next few blogs postings here at "Hope For Hurting Pastors" I am going to share some principles about the Pit of Betrayal that can be learned from the story of Joseph. I hope you will come back as I post a new article each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Randy said...

Your experience and insight has been of great benefit to me. I praise God for you and the willingness you have to share transparently area I struggle with. Thanks Brother!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Randy. 2 Cor 1 teaches that God allows us to go through trials so that He can come along side ("comfort") us so that we in turn can then comfort ("come along side of") those who go through the same trials. It is my prayer that this would be true in my life!