Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Need #3 When Facing Your Giant - CONFIDENCE In God

David had COMMUNICATION with God. David had COMMITMENT to God. But the third quality that David had that allowed him to face Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 was CONFIDENCE in God.

After hearing Goliath mock and taunt Israel, David confidently asks what would be done for the man who fights the giant. He learns that the king has promised to anyone who would fight Goliath and win, his own daughter as a wife and a lifetime exemption for he and his family from all taxes (the way things are going today, that tax exemption part may have even prompted me to take a whack at the Giant!).

David had confidence in God. But that is not how his words were received by his brothers. His oldest brother, Eliab, scolds David harshly. That shouldn't be too surprising. The truth is that whenever you confidently step forward to do what you are convinced God has put in your heart, you will face opposition. And often, that opposition will come from those closest to you. I personally believe that Eliab's real problem was jealousy. Remember, he was the one who thought he should have been anointed King of Israel when the Prophet Samuel came to their house. But instead Samuel anointed David. And as the oldest brother, if anyone from the family was going to fight Goliath it should have been him. Perhaps he thought David was making him look bad.

Word of David's confidence soon reached the ears of the king and King Saul calls for David. But when he sees David he calls him "just a boy." But even the words of King Saul could not discourage David. This lad responds by telling the king of the time God gave him the strength to kill a lion and a bear that were threatening his father's sheep. David goes on to say that he was sure that God would allow him to kill Goliath as well. That's confidence!

Saul finally agrees and tries to put his own armor on David. This may be one of the funniest pictures in the Bible. Scripture teaches that Saul was the tallest man in Israel - David was just a lad. David must have been one sorry sight standing their drenched in Saul's armor. Finally, he confidently convinces the king to let him fight Goliath just as he was. And with confidence in God you can face your giant just as you are too.

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